With Superbly devised, Super fly advised, Charged flow, You can't beat with, A bongo, Enacts, More action, Than that, To lift, Forty year embargoes, Better written, Than graffiti scrolls, Sprayed with aerosol, These song notes, More welcomed suburb to ghetto, Than trains passing, Through the metro!”

— Superb Lyrics, Difference with Superb Lyrics

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Superb Lyrics has Hardest Hard Arts!

Superb Lyrics has Hardest Hard Arts!

A name that would be unusual for a rapper is somehow so fitting for a New York City M.c.

 Usually those associated with hip-hop choose flashier titles but as the music became popularly submerging from the New York city underground hip-hop culture so has the name.
 Originally a Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn native of the historical Weeksville Community, then relocating to Laurelton, Queens at a young age. After relocating to Queens and attending P.S. 156 he was slapped by his teacher for a conversing with a girlfriend about Anita Baker songs during class. Following that action was a rebellion by the young class in unity of the assaulted student resulting in the teacher leaving and retiring the very same day and Superb having to undergo evaluation. This lead to him being placed in a 'talented and gifted' program or T.A.G and experiencing a different type of learning that developed existing traits and strengthened them instead of systematically changing and condemning them. With the guidance of instructor Mrs. Linda Talish, young Beckles published his first poem at the age of 8.
 Having many Universal Zulu nation, Rastafarians and Five percenters as peers in his high school circles he was told to choose a name as an attribute around the age of fifteen, this was when the title Superb was chosen, Lyrics was kept secret and added to his copyrights. He began writing numerous poetry and copyrighting volumes as a teen to practice for actual publishing as a career. He joined the Zulu Nation for a while to show his allegiance to hip-hop culture which he was always close to in New York City.

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