Creating Superb Lyrics

Start with nothing

Born in a Regan era, historic Weeksville section of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY,  before moving to Jamaica, Queens and other parts of NYC helped to shape the sound of Superb Lyrics. The ability to speak to famous musicians of various genres, actors, sport figures at the choice of a subway train, a neighborhood block party, or a stop in a store helped Superb Lyrics to carefully choose his delivery tone and style. To grow up where it's street smarts or you don't make it, means that your thinking has to be progressively building at a rapid pace. With this train of thought it's a 'no brainer' why the lyricist song titles and phrases become rapidly used slang. He writes and composes as if it's all been planned way ahead of time. 

These days it's a widely spread opinion that music is in favor of the independent artist. Some go as far as to say that underground is the new main stream music. If that's the case, Superb Lyrics has been underground and continues to produce his sounds and videos as if he owns underground sound. Producing all his art through his independent art production company Hardest Hard Arts llc., keeps this M.C, B-boy, graphic artist, recording engineer and music producer intentions focused and his sound original and unique. 


Those following the lyricist from 'Devil came as an angel (Blow pop jerking)' days, had the opportunity to hear the lyricist progress to now engineer, produce and record. He made note of his engineering skills in 'What's your Words Worth?", his fourteenth single release of 2019, released on the 14th day of January, from his first hip-hop & rap ep of this year 'The Learning Curb' stating 'This communication, Voltage, Vividly, Recorded digitally, Scripting, Lyrics consistently, Ink written, Cursive, Penmanship physically, On blue lined leaf, Points to solutions, Conclusively'. So even though the adult M.C states 'Long way from Edward Cleveland, Day care I attended, As a kid, In, Albany Houses, In Brooklyn, Building, Fifty cent killed in, I'm never wasting, Time on tracks to explode on', he has also came a long way from recording engineer classes as Queensborough Community College and his premier 'Hardest Hard' mix tape.

Another way Superb Lyrics continues to amaze is his emergence into EDM and Dance. This year the M.C first released and distributed a different Hip-Hop & Rap single for each day of January. He then took Febuary and released a twenty-nine single album of EDM and Dance titled 'Hated Beauty'.

So if you don't know his work already, get to know Superb Lyrics. You might hear the top artist due to P.R or commercial advertised fame but be sure that they remain driven by the underground. This underground flow is potent with Superb Lyrics.

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